Already the climate change has raised concern among the people. Now the recent news of volcanoes erupting all over the world is baffling and may make things even more serious. Italy’s Mount Etna as of late erupted with a large amount of magma amid what is presently its second emission in the most recent year. Mount Etna is been referred to as Europe’s greatest and most capable spring of gushing lava, and its emission represents a peril to air activity and conceivably the encompassing towns and homes on the lower inclines of the well of lava.

Despite the fact that Mount Etna is the most recent fountain of liquid magma to stand out as truly newsworthy, there are various different emissions happening everywhere throughout the world. There has been news about volcanic eruptions from all over the planet. India’s only volcano is dynamic again after having been dormant for 150 years, and four of Iceland’s fundamental volcanoes are speculated to erupt soon. As indicated by Volcano Discovery, 35 volcanoes are either as of now ejecting at this moment or just as of late emitted everywhere throughout the world. There are significantly more volcanoes with eruption notices and huge amounts of different volcanoes that are dynamic, which means they could, in fact, emit at any moment.

Mount Etna eruption was the most recent one. On February 27, 2017, the dynamic fountain of liquid magma, situated on the Eastern bank of Sicily, Italy, emitted. The volcano is 3,329 meters tall which makes is the biggest active volcano in Europe. As per geophysicist Páll Einarsson, four of Iceland’s primary volcanoes are demonstrating increasingly movement, showing that they will emit soon. One of these volcanoes, Katla, is showing the signs of been the most active in 40 years.

In a shocking event, this month, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung in north Sumatra region erupted 7 times that too in one day. Sightseers and local people in the range are wearing eye, mouth, and face covers keeping in mind the end goal to counteract guide presentation to the volcanic slag, and a large number of villagers were uprooted. At the season of the emission, Mount Sinabung spoke to the tenth volcanic ejection through the span of seven days.

There is a possibility that these volcanic eruptions may not have been happening due to the geographic area since Iceland and Indonesia are to a great degree far separated. Unmistakably something is bringing about an expansion in overall seismic movement.

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