Leaks Confirm iPhone 8 may have Some Problems

Leaks Confirm iPhone 8 may have Some Problems

iPhone 8 looks solid with its robust specifications and design even with the given price tag, one wouldn’t think twice before buying the flagship smartphone. Be as that as it may, Apple AAPL +0.24% has issues with its greatest overhaul yet and they were quite recently confirmed.

Typically the source is an acclaimed Apple Insider KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo and in a new report acquired by MacRumors, he has affirmed Apple faces both production network issues and design limitations.

The iPhone is said to Come with below Restrictions:-

1. Supply Chain Problems

Maybe the greatest issue for Apple with the iPhone 8 is its highlight feature- the switch an enlarged OLED display. What’s more, Kuo states this will cause a record supply shortage at launch. To place this in setting, Apple sold 41M iPhones in Q3 2017 and the recently discharged iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus represented right around 25M of them in spite of just being on sale for half a month. Given the iPhone 8 is the principal sensational redesign of the iPhone in three eras, restricting it to 2-4M units could cause problems. Besides Apple sold more than 45M iPhones in Q4 2016 so if the stock remains intensely limited until Q1 2018 as Kuo predicts, at that point the significant Christmas time frame is in danger.

The uplifting news is Kuo states the iPhone 8 will release in the meantime as the less expensive, more incremental iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

2. iPhone 8 Design Limitations

As confirmed by recent reports the all new iPhone 8 and its ‘cut-out’ top bezel had restricted Apple to only three color variants for launch in contrast with the six variations – black, matte black, silver, gold, rose gold and (Product)red – available for now. Kuo concurs the iPhone 8 will be constrained to three colors which according to him would be black, silver and gold (some portray it as nearer to copper/bronze) but according to a close source, there are chances that the colors could be black, silver and jet black. In any case, both Kuo and his source trust this is the end for rose gold. It merits calling attention to the snappy charger plug for these iPhones will utilize USB Type-C, however, the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will stay with the Lightning port. Well, users won’t need to utilize the Lightning port at all on the off chance that the iPhone is likely to offer remote charging also.