Intel reveals it’s first Optane SSD that has high memory capacity


Intel revealed its Optane solid state drive (SSD) in January, but it had limited memory capacity of just 32 GB. However, it has now unveiled Optane SSDs that have a much higher memory capacity.

Intel has uncovered the Optane SSD DC P4800X series, as well as the Optane SSD DC P4800X series with Intel Memory Drive technology, on March 19. The company names them as the most responsive SSDs for data centers.

Latest Optane SSD series

The first variety of the highly awaited SSD series is the DC P4800X, that has 375 GB of storage capacity. It will have a price tag of $1,520 from March 19, but limited availability. In the second half of this year, the SSD will become widely available.

A 750 GB PCI-Express or PCI-E model is expected to reach the enterprise users by Q2 2017. Per reports, Q2 will also see the arrival of a 375 GB model, which has the U.2 form factor. Moreover, a 1.5 TB PCI-E card – along with 750 GB and 1.5 TB U.2 sticks will reach the market in H2 2017.

Features of Optane SSD

Intel will also DRAM modules along with the SSD from the year 2018. However, the company has also denied the exact date when this device will hit the shell.

The Optane series is the super fast replacement for an older generation of SSDs. Intel has stated earlier that these drives will be eight times faster than the ordinary SSDs that are available in the market.

Intel in collaboration with the Micron has designed a new technology dubbed 3D Xpoint. This technology has been included in the Optane series of products. This technology stores data with the help of cell resistance.

P4800X Vs. P3700

The P3700 was the fastest flash drive, in terms of reading and writing data before the arrival of the Optane series.

It was seen that in sequential tasks, the older-gen SSD performed better in comparison with the P4800X.

Due to this, critics have commented that though the Optane technology shown promise, it lacks the polish found in the present flash SSDs.