Nvidia has made an announcement about its new partnership with Bosch to sell its Drive PX 2 driver-assist platform to automakers. In effect, the deal gives Nvidia a go-to-market strategy for its self-driving software and hardware platform. Bosch joins ZF as the two so-called tier-one suppliers that will sell Nvidia’s technology to automakers.

Nvidia’s technology uses “deep learning” artificial intelligence, which is an extravagant way of saying its computer brain learns like a human does: instead of needing to be programmed for every possible driving scenario, it learns what the appropriate behavior is, even for surprising situations. Theoretically, a car company looking to make its car capable of autonomous driving will also be able to go to ZF or Bosch and buy that technology to integrate into their cars and sell those to consumers.

Nvidia’s Founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in a press release that, “Using [Nvidia’s] DRIVE PX AI car computer, Bosch will be building an automotive-grade system for the mass production of autonomous cars.” He further added, “Together we will realize a future where autonomous vehicles make mobility safe and accessible to all.”

A spokesperson from Nvidia told that Nvidia would be providing the computing software and hardware, while Bosch would focus on developing vehicle sensors. The complete artificial intelligence computing system would then be offered to automakers. Bosch said in a statement that Nvidia’s “AI onboard computer” should go into production “by the beginning of the next decade at the latest.” These types of supplier deals will eventually lead to a large market of cars that promise to drive themselves down the highway.

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