YouTube Undergoes New Changes: Includes Material Design Look And Dark Mode For All

YouTube will now provide enhanced user experience with the launch of Material Design and the Dark Mode feature. Users can preview these features before going for it.

YouTube Undergoes New Changes Includes Material Design Look And Dark Mode For All

YouTube have revamped its new look with the desktop version flaunting its “Material Design”. On May 2, the company has officially declared its new look and dark mode feature which is available for all users. The company also expects all the interested users to go for these two features and share their thoughts on the same.

YouTube was testing the material design and dark mode since last year and now the company has revealed these features to the public. YouTube says that the main motive of the new design was to provide a “simple, consistent and beautiful look” and to get rid of YouTube’s box-heavy card design. The company also wants to make desktop experience similar to that of a mobile version that makes use of simple layout and design to highlight the videos in a better way.

Material Design will offer simplicity, consistency and make the desktop navigation clean and effortless. Material Design provides the user the option of endless scrolling, using which the user can watch the video directly on the homepage. This feature was implemented three years ago in Android 5.0 which had unified style for all Google. You won’t see much change by including this feature unless you turn on to new dark mode.

The design is not rolling out globally, however, the user can opt for its “preview” by visiting, and you can again switch to the old version if you don’t like it.
The new interface for YouTube called dark mode is based on Google’s Polymer framework. The polymer is the JavaScript library for creating web components. The dark mode feature basically turns the site’s background to black that will have less stress on our eyes. Also, using Polymer many new features can be included in near future.

Manuel Bronstein, YouTube’s VP of product management said: “The new redesign will automatically reach selected 1 percent of total YouTube’s users.” Also, if these features are appreciated by a large number of users globally then the roll out will increase every week.