You Can Stare Into An Active Volcano With Google Street View


Standing next to a boiling lake of molten rock the size of two football fields has got to be awe-inspiring, but it’s also pretty damn dangerous. Google partnered with two explorers to take images of one such volcano as they rappelled down the walls of the Marum crater on Ambrym, an island a thousand miles off the coast of Australia. The team carried a Street View camera during their journey to let you see this natural wonder with Google Maps.

Chris Horsley, a team member told Google, “Standing at the edge and feeling the heat lick your skin is phenomenal.” He hoped that by putting this place on the map, people will realize what a beautiful world we live in. Chances are none of us will visit Ambrym or any of the other far-off places that you can simply click through to by using any web browser. Still, it’s pretty darn impressive to check out the active volcano there, as well as the little village in the nearby rain forest.

If you’re searching for more amazing spots to check out, Google Street View has a ton of them, including natural and historical sites like the Faroe Islands near Norway, many iconic African landmarks and the Samburu National Park in Kenya. Features like these make Google Street View a valuable resource for adults and kids alike, letting us all see the world without danger falling to our death in a lake of boiling lava. Of course, some of them might say that’s the best part.