United Airlines Suffer Another Hit After Security Details of The Cockpit Were Leaked


United Airlines was in glamor in the past month after a video was uploaded of the security officials beating up and forcefully dragging out a passenger from the flight due to overbooking issues. The company had to do an out of court settlement and sort out this issue with the passenger. They also had to face the authorities of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to resolve their issue of over boarding and improving customer service standards. Today they encountered another hit when their shares went lower due to disclosure of their cockpit details in public.

CBS news displayed news related to a security email which was sent to all the employees of the airline explaining that some of the security procedures might have got compromised due to information related to accessing the cockpit door was leaked and made public by a flight attendant on the website. United Airlines have given a statement which states that the security of the customers and their employees is the main concern of the airlines and they would take various measures to keep the flight decks secure from any threat. The preventive actions are already initiated by the airline to overcome this tragic issue.

This has ultimately hit the stock prices and lowered it down by 0.84 percent compared to their Friday prices on Monday morning. Some of them consider that this leak was a result of a so-called cyber attack that has hampered more than 2,00,000 computers across 150 countries. But many believe that this information was unintentionally disclosed to the people and not due to any breach in any of the airline’s computer. The Airlines Pilot association which has more than 55,000 pilots got involved in this issue and reported that the incident is taken care off. This incident has highlighted the desperate need to have more security levels and technology to ensure that the cockpit information is not leaked thereby endangering the life of the people on the flight including the customers and employees of the airlines.

United Continental holding which is currently owning both United airlines and United Express has asked all their pilot members to follow the current procedures laid down by the airlines including the visual confirmation of every individual entering the cockpit even if they have entered the correct security code for entering the cockpit. The Airline Pilot association had informed the airlines to have secondary security measures by installing mesh or steel cables to be installed on the cockpit doors which would add like a barrier for the individuals trying to enter the cockpit.